80s-90s Rock

“I’m doin’ alright, the best that I can…”  Written by the great Bruce (and John!) Hornsby, and made famous by Huey Lewis.

From Erasure’s The Innocents.

When you live in Norman, Oklahoma, Toby’s da king.  And it’s a fun song…only it’s Sooner football on tv, not that Dallas nonsense. 😉

A guy mistakes names at a party…and we get one of the best songs ever.

The best part are the songs within the song; by Dire Straits, of course.

A classic Queen song that is as relevant as ever.

Everybody knows this one by The Romantics.

A #1 hit for Billy Joel in 1980 that we still love—a good song is a good song.

Ah, Supertramp.  Unfortunately, we lack a saxophone, which is brilliant in their intro.  Someday…

An interesting song by Erasure with a unique two-tempo mix.