Anywhere You Want a Piano

Everyone still loves the piano man. (No?!)

COVID-19 pretty much terminated our band…temporarily. We’ll get back to it. For now, when my sister spied a piano at a hotel, well, that’s something!

A terrific song by Matt Bachrach, and it was fun ‘go back to roots,’ taking loopers and drum machines back to human beings.

As made famous by Kim Carnes (but don’t watch that video…death to 80s videos!).  Written by Donna Weiss and Jackie DeShannon.

Years ago on travel, my family stopped into a mall. Some guy in a white suit was playing piano, Matt Bachrach. Never heard of him, but we liked his gig. In 2008, his car struck an overturned tractor trailer…and that was that. Here’s to you, Matt; wherever you are, we still remember you came.

A tune by Yanni (or, if you want to be technical about it, Yiannis Chryssomallis).

One of Leonard Cohen’s finest, which is really saying something.  (Maybe being outside of something, you see it best.)

I love what the Boss sees in Philadelphia (and what Tom Hanks can make of most anything).

Here…I…am!  From singer-songwriter Joshua Kadison.

Finally, one from the vault (a younger me). It’s a very, very MAAADDDD world…and, hey, it was already like that before I got here.