Hard(er) Rock

A 1989 hit from Skid Row.  Thanks to Bryan Stevenson and EJI this doesn’t happen (as often) to those _under_ 18 anymore…progress is painfully slow.

U2 has amazing longevity, but I like their 1983 release best of all—War.  As usual, I overdubbed the harmonies.

If you are old 😉 or like (ack!) 80s movies, you probably know this one from Pretty in Pink.  We reworked it, of course, but it’s the lyrics and melody as brought to life by New Order in 1986.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts: girl power and rock n roll. ‘Nuff said.

A song everyone knows from a band too many don’t: Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

The GNR classic.

Eddie Van Halen’s epic solo.  His ego may be the size of Jupiter, but the man can play like nobody’s business.

The Jack White classic.  Thanks to our bassist, we don’t need no down-octave pedal.

From Metallica’s black album…the Metallica most casual fans love.

This is my favorite GNR song; it’s like a mini rock opera (meaning how opera should be).

Some clips from practicing before a community concert.

Randy Rhoads died when he was only 25, but dang could he play.  Hope he’s rockin’ the other side; we sure miss ’em.