Other Misc Stuff

Cleaning out the attic…

A fun song by McCartney written as a crash course in songwriting.

Like many, I took a renewed interest in this immortal Paul Simon song when Disturbed released its cover.

A 1989 hit from Skid Row.  Thanks to Bryan Stevenson and EJI this doesn’t happen (as often) to those _under_ 18 anymore…progress is painfully slow.

U2 has amazing longevity, but I like their 1983 release best of all—War.  As usual, I overdubbed the harmonies.

Ah, Supertramp.  Unfortunately, we lack a saxophone, which is brilliant in their intro.  Someday…

An interesting song by Erasure with a unique two-tempo mix.

A fantastic song by the Steve Morse Band; nothing better than his early days!

Another guitarist we lost too young—Stevie Ray Vaughan.  He named the song for his then-wife Lenora.  Unfortunately, their love didn’t last, but his song always will.  Conclusion: guitars are more faithful than people.  Or…something like that.

And finally one from the vault (our younger years), because it’s still our favorite GNR song. A mini rock opera.